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No, we don’t work for them nor with them. We don’t sell anything, and we don’t even try to sell our services.

That is our ‘selling point’ that we are not with them. Educated consumers prefer to have the proven, reliable, and very reputable alternative service option available. We are here for customers that want our service. As simple as that.

Even when Kitchen Craft LLC was contracted by IKEA® directly, we were Independent Service Provider. Traemand was also independent service providers before Ikea purchased them and took over in 2019. Last year Trameand made around $45,000.000 and growing fast.

Kitchen Craft LLC was IKEA® certified service. I need to say this: I see some other websites and they insinuate that some certified installers are lying. Those who claim that try to sound smart and pretend as if they are some truth tellers or such when in fact, they have nothing to show for, so they slander the real ones. I can show you Ikea’s official letter addressed to me requesting that I return my IKEA® certified installer badge and store passes. There are handful of installers nationwide that can say that they are certified installers and not lie. We are one of the very few left.

Once you are certified installer you are certified installer. Like certified, licensed electrician vs some non-licensed one claiming the certified, licensed one is a liar. Licensed and certified electricians or plumbers and such don’t lose their status just because they decided not to pay 40% of their income to the imposed middleman (Two such attempts on record.) and sign a non-compete on top of that.

Perhaps a takeover via proxy attempts. I said no and they turned against us.

Be careful trusting any website out there. I see some offer “turnkey” service.

If they don’t have a general contractor license under their name, they can’t have turnkey service. We don’t offer any other services and that is why we maintain our quality and record. We only do what we are licensed to do and what we do best.

1-2-3. You must email your final IKEA® kitchen design / plan, your zip code, verifiable contact info, and date when you will have all parts and be ready for installation. Email: No other options available right now.
Sorry, we don’t have interior design and consulting options currently available, but we are working on providing those services soon. Our is the expert service for customers that want such. If we were installing vehicle transmissions, it would be the same process. Let us see the vehicle, get a quote, and schedule the service.

We prefer you email us your finalized IKEA® kitchen plan. Depending on your zip code, and if or when available we could possibly offer the measure and plan done for a fee for our time. $499.

Note: Interior design service is not yet available. This is a straightforward process of measuring your kitchen, taking notes, and creating plan on IKEA® online home planner so that customer has a correct item list and shopping list to buy the needed kitchen parts from IKEA®. Design will be produced from our office and emailed to you.

You don’t have to. Once you have IKEA® kitchen design done on their kitchen planner tool, you will save it under your account, and it will generate all that is needed to make the kitchen parts purchase.
This can be done online from your home computer or at the store.

It may be wiser to make a purchase at store in case some parts are not available immediately. Either way they offer the delivery for a small fee.

Absolutely, we must charge the deposit or otherwise we would be in trouble as saboteurs could reserve the dates and or send our installers on a long two-way drive to nowhere and or for nothing. For our customers this is not an issue.

We charge a $1,000 deposit, and we email you the invoice from our verified company PayPal account. To ensure that we are fully compliant, we don’t accept payments via our website, email nor phone. When you make a payment, you will receive autoreply with a receipt from our company’s PayPal account. * You don’t need to have a PayPal account; you will receive the option to select and pay with your credit card when the invoice arrives. We will deduct received deposit amount from total amount quoted and due at installation. The rest is payable by check to our company name or there may be a 3% charge added for PayPal fee in case you decide to pay the rest by a credit card or PayPal account.

That is unadvisable currently during Covid delays. This is true for all kitchen cabinet manufactures and retails stores: We advise you to purchase the parts at least couple months in advance to make sure that you obtained all parts, or at least receive the final delivery date confirmation in writing prior to making plans for new kitchen installation. For couple hundred or less IKEA® will deliver your kitchen order almost anywhere in Florida and other states.

Depending on your location and if or when available. Only if you are keeping the same layout and removal and it is done at the same time as the assembly and installation starts. Only in single homes, villas, or townhomes. Not available in condos.

We don’t haul away your old kitchen and countertops. In most cases your HOA waste management will haul it away free of charge. We can place them in your driveway. If you are doing wall removals or replacing the floors that need to be installed prior to the new kitchen it is advisable to use your contractor to remove the old kitchen.

We are not licensed for plumbing and electrical, so we don’t do it Cabinets are scope of our business. We will make the necessary fitting cutouts to make sure that cabinets fit, and we will also make certain the standard space is produced for your appliances to fit. It is my strong belief that smartest thing to carry out is to have licensed electrician or plumber make your final connections for the sink, dishwasher, and other appliances unless they are just plugging in appliances. That way you stay safe and protected. Electrical and plumbing companies have a standard fee for basic hookups. Pay couple hundred, save the receipt from the licensed plumber/electrician and enjoy a peace of mind. That way your homeowner’s insurance will cover you if you have any leaks or accidents in the future.
Yes, we do but only if combined with kitchen installation.
We don’t do partial jobs nor partial installations. To ensure the proper installation and for your kitchen to look beautiful and stay that way for a very long time It’s crucial that assembly is done correctly, and we don’t want to go behind anyone else. Our expert service only offers complete kitchen assembly and installation with finish carpentry. The right way to do it.